"DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt Limited - CSR INITIATIVE"

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (or CSR Initiative) is a Central Government Mandate to strengthen a company’s responsibility towards the community and the environment that it operates in and to ensure a sustainable future for all its stakeholders. All MNCs contribute avidly towards the nourishing of their respective communities/environments enabling global growth for the under-privileged and solidifying the sustainability of the company without compromising the the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

"Right to Quality Education"

Dr. T Venkat Vardhan Founder & Mentor of DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt Limited has been instrumental in contributing to the society remarkably. DNA Entertainment Networks harbours a sense of responsibility to promote education among the weaker section of the society. Scholarships are being given to meritorious and underprivileged students to complete their higher education. This has been one of the prominent initiatives by the organisation. For the academic year 2016-17,the organisation has contributed towards free mid day meal for all students in the Pre University Course & First Grade College of Golden Valley Education Trust. In continuation of CSR, DNA entertainment Networks continues to pay for scholarship and hostel fees subsidy for students for 2017-18.

"Go Green Initiative"

As an organisation, we stand committed to reduce Carbon footprints and hence the organisation is very actively involved in contributing in the best way possible to Mother Earth. Employees of the organisation have come together this year to produce 4000 seed balls to increase the green cover at various institutions of GVET and thereby reduce carbon footprints in the region.

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